Field Schools International is an organization dedicated to delivering amazing learning experiences to people who want to work, do business, or volunteer in exciting and profitable places in the world. We start our field schools in 2011 and will expand across the globe, offering intensive, focused, and fully-guided explorations inside cultures that enable participants to begin working effectively with them to achieve their goals.

Our mission is to serve our clients with professionalism, integrity, and leadership:

  • University students who want a career and life "edge".
  • Business owners and managers wanting to want to grow their business in a new and dynamic international markets.
  • Faculty who want to run field schools that enrich their students' lives.

Paul Kurucz leads Field Schools International. A Canadian university educator, international marketing professional, and world travelers. Paul's goal is to get to know you and your needs and ensuring that the field school offers powerful opportunities for you to quickly gain a foothold in foreign business environments.


  Paul Kurucz, BA, MBA

"Seeing people get really excited about possibilities is what motivates me. Possibilities for new careers, new business opportunities, new people to meet, and new ideas - these are what I help make happen.

Whether you are a university student who wants a career that gives you the freedom to travel and meet fascinating people, or a business owner or manager who wants to grow their business in one of the 21st century's booming economies, my passion is to help you find your possibilities - and what you need to turn them into reality!"

Paul brings expertise in international marketing, the wisdom gained by living and working overseas for 6 years, and 20 years of university teaching experience to his field school leadership.

Contact Paul directly at 250-857-7619 (PST)


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