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Finding customers and suppliers in places like China, Brazil, India, and Arabia can be a challenge if you have not yet been doing business internationally. Marketing internationally in different cultures, customs, languages, currencies, and regulations can all seem formidable hurdles.

The biggest single international marketing challenge most organizations face is simply getting started. Questions include:

  • "Who do I talk to?"
  • "How do I make things happen in a new country?"
  • "Do I have to adapt my product or service?"
  • "How much will it cost to get started there?"
  • "Who can I trust?"
  • "How do I get paid?"

Field Schools - the safe, easy, and comfortable way to get started

Field Schools International will help you get started with your international marketing!

We offer 2-3 week guided business introductions to new markets in the fastest growing economies of the world, including Brazil, China, India, and more.

You will have a practical experience right on the ground in the market you wish to explore doing business in. Included in all our field schools:

  • Short, effective, and focused Intercultural training applicable to the business and social environment of the market you are in. You will learn how culture affects your international marketing situation.
  • Introductions to organizations you can access to get started doing business.
  • Introductions to local individuals - both nationals and expatriates - who you can immediately add to your network of people who can help you get started.
  • Experiences with the culture that will help you understand how your product or service may need to be customized to best sell in a market. If you are looking for new opportunities to bring out of the market, you will get the opposite - insights into why certain products and services work well in the international market. Both types of international marketing are the focus of the field school experience.
  • Support by FSI facilitators for defining your goals for the field school and regular check-ins to ensure you are achieving as much as possible during your experience.
  • Full logistics support for your trip, including quality hotel accommodations, in-country transportation, most meals, consultation and guidance support throughout.

Your Field School Faculty

You will be learning with great business faculty, facilitators, and speakers on your field trip. Leading every field school experience are two experienced and dynamic business faculty you can trust to guide you the whole way. The principle faculty of Field Schools International is:


Paul Kurucz, MBA

"Seeing people get really excited about new possibilities is what motivates me. If you are a business owner or manager who wants to grow your business in one of the 21st century's booming economies, my passion is to help you find your international business possibilities - and what you need to do to turn them into reality!"

Paul Kurucz leads Field Schools International. He is a seasoned post-secondary educator and leader with 15 years of experience in the field of international education. From teaching Chinese, Indian, Arab, and Latin American MBA students in Canada to developing an innovative experiential degree program in Dubai, Paul's entrepreneurial attitude and high energy level make things happen. His career originating from the operations management and financial sectors, Paul brings a depth of business and life experiences to his field school leadership.


- MBA, The Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario (ON)
- BA, The University of Western Ontario (ON)

What you can expect...

Our field schools will introduce you to the specific market you are visiting. What you can expect:

  • You will get familiar with how that market works.
  • You will understand key cultural aspects that affect how you do business there. International marketing is the focus.
  • You will make contacts that can help you get things done in the culture and country.
  • You may make some connections directly useful to you selling in that market (potential customers) or buying in that market (suppliers).
  • You will be supported by the FSI team during the entire experience for protocols, scheduled touring logistics, etc.

What not to expect...

  • Field schools are primarily learning and networking experiences designed to build confidence and overcome hurdles for doing business in that market. While we make every effort to help you connect directly with potential customers and/or suppliers relevant to your specific business, the purpose of a field school is not to directly and immediately facilitate business deals.
  • Do not expect to do a deal right away. In most cultures outside of North America, building business relationships take time. International marketing is a different game and we help you get familiar with the local business rhythms, help you relax and enjoy the relationship building process, and see how this longer-term method can lead to trust, flexibility, and long-term profits. Many cultures think in terms of years, decades, and generations rather than weeks and months!
  • A fully customized field school to your individual needs. Again, we make every effort to ensure your goals can be met during your experience, however field schools are scheduled group learning experiences where much or most of the experience is guided, facilitated, team learning, and exploring. All field trips include time and flexibility for you to follow up with opportunities, take extra time with people you "click" with, and focus on your particular needs.

Can we help you do business internationally?

We are here to help you plan your business field school experience. Please contact us - we would be pleased to discuss your needs and how we can meet them!

Note: We have a "no hard-sell" policy. If our field schools can't meet your needs, we will point you to what can! So don't be afraid to contact us for more information!

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