Faculty and University Field School Services

International activities, while rewarding for students, faculty, and the institution, can be a challenge to set up, run, and manage.

We are here to help with one aspect of your international activities: Field schools.

Services we offer:

  • Planning, organizing, and operating field schools. We are here to add services institutions may not be able to fund and staff due to the seasonality and intensive but short nature of field school planning and logistics demands.

  • On-the-ground logistics that free up faculty time, energy, and focus so they can spend more time with students and having their own rewarding experience on a field school.

  • Managing end-to-end logistics.
  • Providing experienced on-location staff to manage student, faculty, and institution needs and risks.

  • Creating "scheduled" field schools that your students can join in with students from other institutions. This means that you can offer a field school even if participant numbers are very low from your institution!

  • Leading and organizing a consortium field school arrangement - 2 or more institutions contributing students to a field school that is viable even with smaller numbers of students from each institution participating.

  • Producing a multi-media PR package for your institution to use to report with, promote field schools, promote programs, and recruit new students.

These services are available as a package or "a la carte".

Institutional Partnership Program

We offer 3 high-value partnership plans for universities and colleges. Benefits include:

  • Field school media packages worth up to $3,000 that give your institution text, photo, and video resources you can use for general institution PR and to aid recruitment of potential students.

  • Up to 10% commission that you can use to for scholarship or general revenue purposes.

  • Recruiter integration into our international field schools, linking your students while on field schools to alumni in each country and to agents/recruiters. One plan even includes a hosted alumni evening in the field school location where your international alumni, agents, field school participants, and potential students can network and build relationships. A very powerful recruiting event!

  • Input into planning of future field schools to meet your institution's location, logistics, timing, and marketing needs.

  • One plan offers an exclusivity agreement for your geographic market or a particular specialty program.

Please contact us for more information on our partnership plans and how they can aid your pedagogical, enrichment, and recruiting goals!

Contact us!

Please call us at 250-857-7619 (PST) or contact us through our web site.

Note: We have a "no hard-sell" policy. If our services can't meet your needs, we will point you to people or organizations that can. So please contact us - there is no obligation!

Contact Us!

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Why consider us for your field school planning, organizing, operating, and PR needs?

Because it can meet your needs!

  • You can now offer field schools that your institution may not be able to offer to students and faculty due to cost constraints and logistics abilities.

  • Cost savings for one-off and irregularly intensive logistics that you can't hire a full-time staff member for.

  • Lower risk for your students and institution - a fully-insured, conscientious, well-organized, and motivated team making things happen.

  • A multimedia package - photography, reviews, video interviews of students, etc. - your institution can use to attract students to your programs, your next field school, and your institution!
  • Faculty freedom from daunting logistics.

  • Faculty freedom to enjoy the field school instead of constantly being "on duty".

  • Freedom to spend more time with students in quality learning experiences and enriching their own teaching and life. Reasons faculty wanted to do a field school in the first place!

  • Rewarding to students, the institution, and the faculty involved.

  • A dedicated FSI team supporting you all the way - from the planning phase right through to the follow-up review.


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