Students: Your 'First Class' ticket to an exciting career!

Many students feel they are under multiple pressures when they graduate and start their career:

  • Student debt.

  • few well-paying and exciting job opportunities.

  • No work experience.

  • Intense competition from other graduates.

These can be very real pressures, often leading to the dilemma of "wage slavery", many years of debt repayment, boring jobs that can't be quit for financial reasons, and a "small" life without travel or luxuries.

Not what you signed up for when you started a college degree, was it?

But there can be a smart way out of this dilemma!

Give yourself an international career edge - be able to do business in another country on behalf of a company, government department, or non-profit organization in your home country!

Field Schools: A big boost to your resume

Join one of our field schools and indicate to potential employers that:

  • You are different from other applicants - different in a good way!

  • You have unique and valuable skills to offer.

  • You can help businesses and other organizations solve their international business and operational challenges.

One of the biggest challenges organizations have is the inability to start doing business and operating in a particular country or region because they have no experience and no employee who knows how to do business there.

Become that employee:
Start that career!

One of our field shool experiences will very quickly and intensively give you career skills in how to work and do business in a new culture and country.

A field school will not give you years of actual working experience, but it will give you:

  • The foundation to be confident interacting with local business people.

  • Skills for finding information and contacts.

  • Set you up with a network of people and resources in the country.

  • Educate you on the adaptation necessary for foreign products and services to be successfully marketed in the country. This is preparation that is most businesses don't know how to do!

Fast growing international markets you could build your career expertise in right now:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Arabia
  • Central America

Your Field School Faculty

You will be learning with great faculty, facilitators, and speakers on your field trip. Leading every field school experience are two experienced and dynamic faculty you can trust to guide you the whole way. The principle faculty member of Field Schools International is


Paul Kurucz, MBA

"Seeing people get really excited about possibilities is what motivates me. If you are a university student who wants a career that gives you the freedom to travel and meet fascinating people my passion is to help you find your possibilities - and what you need to learn to turn them into reality!"

Paul Kurucz leads Field Schools International. He is a seasoned post-secondary educator and leader with 15 years of experience in the field of international education. From teaching Chinese, Indian, Arab, and Latin American MBA students in Canada to developing an innovative experiential degree program in Dubai, Paul's entrepreneurial attitude and high energy level make things happen. His career originating from the operations management and financial sectors, Paul brings a depth of business and life experiences to his field school leadership.


- MBA, The Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario (ON)
- BA, The University of Western Ontario (ON)

"Which Country/Region should I do a field school in?"

This is sometimes easy - you have family, friends, a personal interest, a career interest, and/or a language ability connection to a country or region.

If you have a number of possibilities or are not sure of which would be best, please contact us to explore options! We are here to help you work through your options.

Note: We are always adding field school locations and dates as demand grows. Contact us to join our monthly newsletter mailing list for trip updates and valuable international career and travel ideas!

Ready to plan your Field School experience or need more information?

Please call us at 250-857-7619 (PST) or contact us through our web site. We are here to help you decide what you need and get you started building your international career!

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Why join a Field School and gain "international skills" for your career?

International skills can lead to a career with awesome benefits!

  • Freedom from a "cubicle" job.

  • Freedom from "9-5" hours.

  • Freedom from a boss looking over your shoulder every day.

  • Pay off your student debt faster.

  • A resume "edge" over other graduates.

  • Travel the world. An exciting career!

  • Meet interesting people all the time.

  • Learn special skills that give you better pay, more job security, and more career options.

  • Pay benefits that other employees don't get - cash, airline points, hotel points, and more!

  • Build an international network you can use to benefit your career - something it is hard to do in an office job!

  • The ability to become a manager faster.

  • Visits to amazing places, sights, and events your peers will never get to see!

  • A job that changes every day

  • Confidence in yourself .

  • Learn new languages

  • Try new foods and experiences

  • and more!...



"Global solutions cannot be found by those whose universe ends in the next town or province."

- Karen McBride, World of Learning report 2009.




















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